Youth ADHD Assessment

A formal ADHD diagnosis can not only provide answers to your questions about your child's behavior, but can also open the door for the treatment needed to take your child down a path to a healthier and more balanced life. The Nemeth Counseling Youth ADHD Assessment program uses a carefully crafted combination of assessments and interviews in order to provide the most accurate and evidence-based diagnosis for your child. This assessment is for children under the age of 18.

The Youth ADHD Assessment uses a combination of clinical interviews and testing, which together paint a vivid picture of the child's experience. The program gives parents the opportunity to meet with the clinician alone in order to speak freely about their concerns, the child's behavior, and to allow the clinician to evaluate the onset of symptoms. The clinician will also meet with the child individually to assess for presenting symptoms, to gain insight into the child's experience, and to verify the degree of impairment. The clinician will then present the findings to the parents, who will be able to ask questions and create a plan for further treatment, if necessary.

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